Designing Your Teenage Daughter’s Bedroom

Designing your teenage daughter’s bedroom does not need to be a huge ordeal. Regardless of how picky your child might be you will find a fun and challenging design that you can both be in agreement with. Developing the ideal room for your daughter to rest, study, and spend time with buddies could be a great project to handle together.

Designing Your Teenage Daughter's Bedroom.

Designing Your Teenage Daughter’s Bedroom.

Provide your teen with the opportunity to exhibit her style in the design of her bedroom. Be it with impish colors, imaginative artwork, or trendy add-ons, it is essential for your teen girl to have her say when it comes to the décor in her bedroom. Take time to discover what her favorite interests are and exactly what motivates her the most. Replicate this theme through her room so that she feels relaxed in her individual space.

Teenage Girl Bedroom Design Ideas.

Teenage Girl Bedroom Design Ideas.

The easiest way that you can alter the atmosphere in your teen daughter’s room is by changing the color. Create a color scheme using her favorite color on the walls, or introduce creative wall graphics to boost the appeal. In the case where your teen girl likes a particularly vibrant or dark color, use that color on an accent wall and then choose a more neutral color for the other walls.

Gorgeous Teen Girl's Bedroom Design.

Gorgeous Teen Girl’s Bedroom Design.

An alternative would be to use a paler shade of he favorite color for the walls and then the brighter shade she has chosen for accessories around the room. Colored shapes or motifs will also be ideal for a teen’s room. Using painter’s tape you can add stripes, triangles, polka dots, or whatever cool designs that come into your head. You could even create a focal point by adding a unique design or piece of artwork on the primary wall for an additional sparkle.

Colorful Teenage Daughter's Bedroom.

Colorful Teenage Daughter’s Bedroom.

For a distinctive wall adornment, a personalized wall mural is an excellent addition to any teenager’s room. She could design a wall mural which includes her favorite sport, pastime, film star, or boy band to spice up her bedroom. You could also introduce hand-made accessories to decorate the room which would offer a personal and creative feel. Collages, story boards, and hand-painted bric-a-brac are all great methods of transforming her room and at the same time, showcase your teenager’s aptitude and style.

Girl's Room Paint Design Ideas.

Girl’s Room Paint Design Ideas.

The next factor to take into account when designing your teenage daughter’s bedroom is the various spaces she will need. Obviously she will need her sleeping area, but she will also need a place to study, somewhere to show off her favorite pictures and memorabilia and somewhere to hang out with her friends. Floating shelves can be a cool way to store your teen’s books, CDs and DVDs. You can establish a quiet nook in her bedroom as an effective study area and incorporate a practical yet fashionable desk. Then create a hangout area in another corner of her room with beanbags which can easily be moved around.

Minimalist Teen Daughter's Bedroom.

Minimalist Teen Daughter’s Bedroom.

You’ll want to highlight storage facilities and organization in her new refined bedroom. You can use floating shelves, bookcases, and under-bed storage to take advantage of every bit of space. Making sure that everything in her room is multi functional will give you the most out of the space you have available. You might like to look at Bedroom Design Ideas For Young Women where you might pickup some more ideas.

Blue Teenage Girl's Bedroom.

Blue Teenage Girl’s Bedroom.

Your teen’s tastes will alter as they mature, so you should choose inexpensive items in your décor that can easily be modified or even replaced when she becomes bored with that phase. You should be able to redesign her room without the necessity of buying all new furniture. You could simply repaint the existing furniture with a lighter color and use your creative painting tactics, for example, sponge painting or stencils, to liven up the pieces. You can upgrade her bed by just buying a custom, stylish headboard. Then rearrange the other pieces of furniture in a new and interesting layout.

Paint Ideas For Teen Girl's Bedroom.

Paint Ideas For Teen Girl’s Bedroom.

You don’t necessarily need to have a theme in her bedroom, merely a logical style that will grow with your teenage girl. Whichever colors or designs you choose for the walls, go for complementary color shades in the fabrics and try to stay with simplistic patterns. By mixing and matching patterns with solids, you will be able to come up with a sophisticated room design that will look fashionable, yet won’t go out of style easily. Without spending a fortune, you can be designing your teenage daughter’s bedroom,  and creating a space she will enjoy growing up in.

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